prada s/s 2012

Maybe it's because I'm from Detroit, but I totally "get" Prada's spring collection. This season, the genius who is Miuccia was inspired by the two great loves of Italian men - women and cars. Not being Italian, I can't say what exactly cars mean to their culture, but if Prada's collection is any indication, it's nostalgia for days gone by when boys polished their cars to a sparkle and went cruising up and down the main drag, looking for girls and whatever other trouble came their way. Yep, the glory days of the 1950s. The essence and giddy excitement of that era is perfectly captured in Prada's latest offering. Pleated skirts and boxy jackets, bandeau tube tops and leather pencil skirts, perfect little dresses, curvy swimsuits - everyone from the innocent bobby soxer to the rebel bad girl to the pin-up glamour puss is represented in this collection. In anyone else's hands, the car and flame prints would have seemed silly, but in Miuccia's world, comparing a woman to a car is a compliment. Because let's be honest - it's one pretty hot car.

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