visionaire #61: larger than life

Ever been flipping through the latest issue of Vogue and thought to yourself, "You know, this magazine would be WAY better if it was bigger"? Well, then the latest issue of Visionaire, the super expensive collectors fashion magazine, is definitely for you.

The Standard Edition of the "Larger Than Life" issue, which features Lady Gaga as a mermaid on the cover, measures up to over 3' x 4' - yes, FEET. If that's still not big enough, there is a 5' x 7' Deluxe Edition available in a limited edition of 250.

So what does the extra, Guinness World Record-breaking real estate offer? As Visionaire says on its website, the issue "gives iconic artists and image-makers the forum to take their visions to a massive scale." To see just how massive, and to find out who contributed to the largest magazine ever, watch the video here.

Visionaire #61 "Larger Than Life" Standard Edition, $375, and Deluxe Edition, $1,500 | http://www.visionaireworld.com/shop/

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