bon voyage!

Thanks to the holiday last week and the hectic pace of my day job over the past few weeks, posting has been light, and I apologize in advance because next week will be even worse because I'm going on vacation - WOOOHOOOO!!! 

In case you couldn't tell, I'm very, very excited.

Six of my amazing friends, my husband and I are embarking on a Western Caribbean cruise. I'm excited to lounge around by the pool and explore the islands we're visiting, but I'm most excited for the sartorial vacation - I get to put away the winter clothes and slip back into summery dresses, not to mention the excitement of dressing for dinner every night. So excited!!!

I promise to be a good little blogger when I get back.

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  1. OMG I'm so envious right now.
    Miss the beach
    have a wonderful holidays
    have a nice and stylish weekend darling
    come and say hi
    The Dolls Factory