check out the entire jason wu for target collection

Images and prices for the entire Jason Wu for Target limited edition collection have finally been released, and the early promise of the sneak peek has been fulfilled - the collection is adorable! It all feels very French, with a touch of nautical inspiration thrown in for good measure. I wish Milu, the collection's feline mascot, was more prevalent (expect the scarf and tote bag emblazoned with his image to sell out quickly), but overall there are lots of great pieces that will mix and match well with each other. Check out the full collection, with prices, below (click on the images to view larger versions).

L-R: Textured pleated-front peplum top, $32.99, pleated skirt, $29.99, and floral lace clutch, $29.99. Pleated shift dress, $39.99, and woven mini saddle bag, $24.99. Trench coat, $54.99, and flared dress, $59.99. Long-sleeved blouse, $34.99, lace-printed straight skirt, $29.99, and lace clutch, $29.99.

L-R: Short-sleeved printed cycle dress with pearls, $44.99, canvas tote, $39.99, and front-flap bag, $39.99. Long-sleeved pointelle sweater, $39.99, and Dot-printed shirt dress, $39.99. Long-sleeve sheet blouse, $34.99, pleated canvas skirt, $29.99, and front-flap straw bag, $39.99. Pleated sleeveless shift dress, $39.99, and woven tote, $49.99.

L-R: Sleeveless top, $26.99, pleated skirt, $29.99, and lace clutch, $29.99. Long-sleeved pointelle sweater, $39.99, pleated cap-sleeve blouse, $26.99, and pleated skirt, $29.99. Short-sleeved tee, $19.99, cuffed shorts, $26.99, and straw and canvas clutch, $29.99. Jersey dress, $34.99, and cat tote, $39.99.

L-R: Poplin dress, $39.99. Long-sleeved sailor sweater, $32.99, long-sleeved blouse, $34.99, cuffed shorts, $26.99, and woven mini saddle bag, $24.99. Long-sleeved blouse, $34.99, and pleated full circle skirt, $29.99. Flared dress, $59.99.

L-R: Cat tote, $39.99. Canvas tote, $39.99. Woven straw tote, $49.99. Lace clutch, $29.99.
Straw and canvas clutch, $29.99.

L-R: Canvas mini saddle bag, $24.99. Woven straw mini saddle bag, $24.99. Front-flap straw bag, $39.99.
Front-flap bag, $39.99.

L-R: Front-flap bag, $49.99. Blue floral scarf, $19.99. Cat scarf, $19.99. Navy wheel-print scarf, $19.99.

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