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A cover mock-up for CR Fashion Book

When legendary editor and fashion icon Carine Roitfeld left French Vogue in January 2011, the fashion world couldn't help but speculate - and fantasize - about what she would do next. One of those fantasies was a new fashion magazine that would give the editor complete creative freedom.

Some dreams do come true.

Earlier this week, WWD revealed the details of Roitfeld's new magazine project, CR Fashion Book, which will be published by Fashion Media Group LLC (the other titles in their stable: Visionaire, V and V Man).

Fashion Media founder Stephen Gan told WWD, "Carine Roitfeld is one of the most talented editors in our industry. She deserves an editorial platform with which to express herself, and I’m happy to provide one. I hope it will enlighten. I hope it will build bridges not walls. The fashion magazine industry has gotten too political."

Mock-up for CR Fashion Book

So what will set CR apart from the rest of the fashion mags on the newsstand?

Roitfeld said the magazine will be a "celebration of fashion and creativity," and when it comes to photographers, models, stylists and writers, she is working with well-known talents and promising new faces. CR has a book-like editorial mission - there is no front-of-book section, only longer format articles (the online component for the magazine, which will be updated frequently, will house traditional front-of-book content). Each issue will have a theme, such as music or obsession, and sections include Icons, Muses, Skincare, and Fitness. One of the most interesting, unique twists is that the magazine will be published in English, but some stories will appear in the writer's native language, accompanied by a translation in the back.

Mock-up for CR Fashion Book

Roitfeld will style shoots, but she will "find new ways to be irreverent." Known for creating sexually charged, provocative imagery, Roitfeld said her work for the new magazine will be "not necessarily safer, but different. It will always be edgy. Maybe it will be more mental than physical."

"The page has been turned," she told WWD. "It's time to find something new, something fresh - for me and for the readers."

CR Fashion Book debuts this September - let the countdown begin!

Mock-up for CR Fashion Book

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