up, up, and away!

Captain Lula on the lake

It's summer in Michigan, and that means one thing: weekends up north. Sure, New York has the Hamptons, but here in Michigan, where there are more than 11,000 inland lakes and 3,177 miles of Great Lakes shoreline, we take our weekend warrior-ing very seriously.

I'm not sure exactly where the term originated, but when someone from Michigan says they are going "up north" for the weekend, they are loading up the car and driving several hours to a summer home/cottage somewhere upstate of where they live year round. I grew up on Portage Lake, which is about 30 minutes northwest of Ann Arbor, so until I met my now husband, I was an up north neophyte. Now, we spend as many weekends as possible at "the cottage," hanging out with friends, grilling, drinking, swimming, boating, waterskiing, wakeboarding, and in general having an amazing time.

This weekend is the first of the season that I'll be spending up north, and I am SO EXCITED!!! What does one pack for a weekend up north, you ask? Other than loads of sunscreen, here are my essentials:

1/ My super awesome wakeboard and all the gear that goes with it

Liquid Force Angel wakeboard - $270 for the 2012 model, Evo.

Liquid Force wakeboard vest - safety first!!!

Roxy wetsuit ($90 for similar, Roxy) - the forecast calls for temperatures in the
mid 80s to low 90s, but the water can still be pretty chilly this time of year...

2/ A variety of swimsuits

One for sunbathing...

...and one for wakeboarding.

3/ A selection of super comfy clothes that can handle a little dirt and sunscreen

A stack of tank tops...

...elephant PJ shorts...

...the incredibly cozy sweatshirt I got at the I Heart Denver store
when I was there to see the YSL exhibit...

...cotton maxi skirt, t-shirt dresses, hand-knit Vince cardigan,
Paige jeans, and J.Crew cargo pants.

4/ My favorite pair of TOMS and a pair of water proof flippy floppies

Don't these TOMS remind you of McQueen? 

I scored these O'Neill flip flops during a press trip in Oahu.

5/ Plenty of reading material

From left to right, Hour Detroit, Harper's Bazaar, Martha Stewart Living, Vogue, Elle, Pointe, and Dance Magazine.

6/ And a cute bag to tote it all in

I love the nautical punk vibe of this Libertine for Target weekender!

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