say hello to the heroine, mcqueen's $40,000 stunner

Getting email from Alexander McQueen is always exciting, even though they're usually to promote a product I could only ever dream of affording. Take, for example, the email I received earlier this week announcing the launch of the house's new "it" bag, the Heroine.

She's a real beauty. Sleek, curvy silhouette with beautiful structure and detailing rendered in luxurious black crocodile. Good looks like that don't come cheap, though - the croc Heroine rings in at a jaw dropping $37,995 (well over $40,000 when you figure in tax). But the style is available in more budget friendly materials, starting at $2,295 for a small oxblood suede bag and topping out at $2,595 for a medium black calf leather version. Ok, maybe they're still not that budget friendly, but they sure are gorgeous.

To score your own Heroine, visit www.alexandermcqueen.com.

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