metro detroit bride winter/spring 2015

The new issue of Metro Detroit Bride is out now, and as always, putting it together was a labor of love. I styled more shoots than usual this issue, taking on two fashion shoots and a food shoot featuring cake and cheese (but not together - that would be weird). I also curated the registry section, finding homewares that would satisfy mates with completely opposite tastes. All in all, it was tons of fun - I mean, there's a real live penguin on the cover! So cute!

Our cover story, photographed by Jenny Risher, was shot on location at The Detroit Zoo and starred some of the zoo's incredible animals. The concept was to take animal-inspired sayings - for example, "The cat's pajamas" - and apply them to wedding to attire. See below for images from the cover shoot and more highlights from the issue!


hour december 2014

Life has been moving full speed ahead lately. Graydon is already one, walking all over with talking surely to follow very soon. I'm so happy that I've been able to focus so much of my time on him over the past year - he'll only be a baby once, and I can already feel that stage melting away as he transitions into toddlerhood.

Over the past year it seems like I've also been working non-stop (at least since I came back from maternity leave in January). Case in point - the December issue of Hour features two shoots styled by yours truly. The first, photographed by Jenny Risher, combined two of my favorite things ever - sparkle and animals. What's not to love about glittering party dresses and jewels modeled with pretty pooches and glamorous kitties? Check out the full shoot below, and keep scrolling down to see my second shoot, our gorgeous holiday gift guide!


where the wild things are

Ralph Lauren cardigan; Tea Collection dress.

I'm so excited to share this shoot with everyone. Not only was it the first time I got to style a children's clothing shoot, but it was also Graydon's debut as a model! Before you jump to conclusions and think I'm some sort of crazy stage mom, the idea for this shoot was actually Hour's new art director, Valerie's, idea. But of course I didn't hesitate to volunteer Graydon for baby modeling duties. ;)

While Graydon is certainly the star of the shoot in my totally biased eyes, it was really little Addison that stole the show. For an eight year old she was a consummate professional, and even tolerated wearing actual deer antlers in her hair. Thanks, Addie!

I also love this shoot because I got to work with some of my fave people - photographer Jenny Risher, prop stylist Stephanie Potts, and hair/makeup artist Monica Jadan. I also loved working with Valerie for the first time. It was such a whimsical, sweet shoot concept, and she also opened my eyes to just how useful a fanny pack really is.

Check out the full shoot below and in the September 2014 issue of Hour Detroit, on stands now!


the hunt: fashion. function. fanny pack!

My latest shoot for Hour was in the middle of nowhere, literally in a field surrounded by woods. In a stroke of genius that had me and prop stylist Stephanie Potts wishing we had thought of it first, our new art director, Valerie, was stowing all of her photo shoot essentials in a fanny pack. Yes - a fanny pack. Scissors, pens, string, phone, bug spray - everything was in there, yet both of her hands were free during the entire shoot.

And then this showed up on the internet:

Matthew McConaughey, photo via HuffPo

That is one sexy ass fanny pack.

Now that I've seen how useful - and heartthrob approved - they are, I think it's time to jump on the fanny pack bandwagon. Here are some of my functional-yet-fashionable favorites:

1/ Pins and Needles, $69 - so rock 'n' roll! 2/ Alexander Wang, $495 - spendy, but so cool. 3 & 4/ Herschel Supply Co.,  $25-$45 - so many great prints! 5/ Rebecca Minkoff, $195 - can also be worn as a shoulder bag. 6/ Leibeskind, $198 - so many pockets! 7/ Cleobella, $245 - meow! 8/ DKNY, $108 - classic black and white colorblocking.


mirror mirror on the wall

Ivy & Aster gown, The Gown Shop.

The new issue of Metro Detroit Bride is on newsstands now (and online here!), and I'm so excited to share it with all of you! There are so many beautiful stories in this issue, from Rebecca and Ben's gorgeous wedding (her Marchesa gown - swoon!), photographed by Jess + Nate Studios, to the exquisite jewelry story. I hope our readers are as inspired by this issue as I am!

I'm also, of course, in love with our cover shoot, photographed by the amazing Jenny Risher. My bestie wore a midnight blue gown on her wedding day, and it was so fun to channel a bit of her energy while pulling together the looks for this shoot. From barely-there blush to sparkling black sequins, the gowns all break the traditional white dress mold. Check out all of the looks below. Which one is your favorite? Would you wear a colored gown for your wedding?


lovely lingerie by cake

Graydon is almost eight months old (OMG the time is passing so quickly!), and we're still going strong with breastfeeding. Some of my favorite moments with him are when we're snuggled together in the rocking chair in his room, nursing him as he slowly drifts off to sleep. Most of the time I'm still wearing my trusty basic nursing bras, but when I want to wear something a little more special, I slip into something from Cake Lingerie.

Made in luxe fabrics with beautiful details, Cake's nursing bras are not only dreamy looking but so comfortable. The lovely ladies at Cake recently sent me a couple bras to try out (so nice of them, right?), and I love them! The Toffee Convertible Maternity Bra is perfect for every day, but the French Vanilla Maternity Lingerie Bra (above) is my favorite - the light blue lace is so delicate and romantic!

Cake also has sports bras, underwear and sleepwear designed especially for pregnant and nursing mothers. It's so nice to have options that make you feel beautiful, no matter what stage of pregnancy or motherhood you're in. Because let's face it - 3 a.m. feedings are way easier when you're wearing something pretty.

Check out Cake's full collection of lingerie here: www.cakelingerie.com


into the deep

I'm so in love with this shoot. Not only did the images turn out beautifully, but it is the last shoot our amazing art director, Cassidy, dreamed up for Hour. She's moved on to greener pastures, making this, our last shoot together for the magazine, bittersweet. I've absolutely loved working with her - we have an amazing creative rapport - and I'm truly going to miss working with her (at least for now - I'm sure our creative paths will cross again in the future!).

This was also a fun shoot from a styling perspective - everything had to work with that amazing tail! That meant blouses that could be tied high at the waist, jewelry that looked like seaglass, and bags in blues, greens and sandy neutrals. The accessories shots weren't in the original shoot plan, but I'm so glad we ended up including them. I think they add to the overall story, and it's always nice to see some pieces up close and personal. Check out the full shoot below and in the April issue of Hour Detroit, on stands now!


motherhood at five (and a half) months

Time is moving so fast lately. I am definitely starting to realize just how quickly babyhood passes, and I'm doing my best to savor every moment with Graydon. He's growing up so quickly, right before my eyes. It's amazing to watch him become more and more of a person each and every day, to see his personality blossom. He's the most incredible little person, and it still blows my mind that Jon and I made him.

What Graydon Wore: Little Gilt one-piece
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dressed to the K9s

Going back to work after Graydon was born was hard, but when I found out the concept for my first shoot back at Hour, I was so unbelievably excited. Men's accessories - styled on dogs!!! Of course I immediately volunteered my two pups - Princeton, a handsome Cavalier, and Talula, a tomboy shih tzu - for modeling duties. Some of my best girl friends got their dogs in on the action as well, making this shoot one of the most memorable - and definitely the most adorable - of my career. Check out the full shoot below and in the March 2014 issue of Hour Detroit, on stands now!


motherhood at four months

One thing I've learned about being a mom - just when you figure out one challenge, another one rises up to take it's place.

After a difficult first few days, we finally got the hang of breastfeeding - whew, one challenge down! Fast-forward to the beginning of January, when I was scheduled to go back to work and Graydon was about to start daycare. And he absolutely refused to take a bottle. Big, frustrating, stressful new challenge. The situation was even more urgent given the fact that I had an overnight, out-of-town business trip scheduled for the middle of the month.

And so began our search for the perfect bottle, a bottle that Graydon would latch onto and take willingly.

Jon and I had been able to coax him into drinking the odd ounce or two at home, and his daycare teachers assured me that the first day would be rough, but he would figure it out quickly. Graydon can be very stubborn, though, and he proved that theory wrong pretty quickly. After two weeks of trying to get him to take a bottle at daycare as well as at home - we tried Avent, Medela, Tommee Tippee, and Dr. Brown's bottles, and my mom even spent two full days with him in what I called "bottle bootcamp" - with absolutely no success, I was getting desperate.

On the verge of canceling my trip, I read every "best bottles for breastfeeding babies" article I could find and placed an order for six different bottles on Amazon. Two days before my flight to Orlando, the box arrived. Based on reviews and the articles I'd read, I decided to try the Comotomo Natural Feel Baby Bottle first. And what do you know? After some initial hesitation, Graydon latched on and drank the whole damn thing. I almost cried in relief.

The Comotomo is a pretty amazing bottle. It's unique design mimics the breast as closely as possible. Made of 100 percent medical grade hygienic silicone, the body is soft and squishy, and the naturally shaped nipple has a super wide, boob-like mound. There are also two colic valves on the base of the nipple to help prevent a gassy belly. I love that the wide mouth of the bottle keeps any milk from getting trapped (and therefore wasted) inside the bottle, and it also makes them incredibly easy to clean. I also love the cool, contemporary look of these bottles, but some reviewers have complained that the measuring increments are hard to read because of the frosted body. Overall, while "love" is probably too strong a word - he'll always prefer the real thing - the Comotomo is the perfect bottle for picky little Graydon.

Comotomo 8 oz. Natural Feel bottle, $13.84 each or $22.39 for two on Amazon.


babyGap's oh-so-cute paddington bear collection

The just launched Paddington Bear for babyGap collection is so absolutely adorable! I'm dying over the yellow wellies, his-and-hers toggle outerwear, and cozy basics printed with illustrations of the iconic teddy bear. Check out the complete collection here, and some of my favorite picks below:

what graydon wore: cozy little wolf pup

It has been an unbelievably cold winter, so Graydon and I have spent a lot of time snuggling at home, doing our best to keep warm. One of my favorite cold weather accessories for him is the custom faux-fur wolf hat that my sweet friend and super talented fashion designer Kelly Lynne made for him. It's so cute and cozy, and you just need to take one look at his face to see how much he loves it!

What Graydon Wore
Kelly Lynne wolf hat
Egg by Susan Lazar wolf graphic henley tee
Tea "Witty Monkey" jersey-lined pants

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motherhood at three months

Graydon turned three months old on January 2, which means we're approaching some pretty major transitions. I'm going back to work this week, and Graydon is starting daycare two days a week. I'm at once anxious to be separated from my little guy and excited to get back to work and have some time to myself. It's going to be the biggest change in our lives since he was born.

I'm particularly anxious because Jon and I haven't had much luck getting Graydon to take a bottle. On a good day, he'll drink a little and then just play with the bottle; on a bad day he flat out refuses to even put the nipple in his mouth. I discussed all this with his teacher during our pre-visit to the daycare, and she said the first day will be difficult, but he should learn pretty quickly to drink from the bottle when my boobs and me aren't around as a back up. I'm hoping the experience isn't too traumatic.

Other than daycare and bottles, the biggest question people ask us is whether he's sleeping through the night yet. The answer to that: NO. In some ways his sleep patterns are very consistent - most of his sleep is concentrated at night (thank god) and he only takes brief naps (35-45 minutes each) during the day. Other than that, his sleep is pretty inconsistent. Sometimes at night he'll sleep for five or six hours straight, sometimes he's up every two hours. It's totally unpredictable. We're starting to think about sleep training and how we want to approach that whole situation. While I don't mind waking up a couple times a night to feed him (I've adjusted to the lack of sleep and handle it pretty well most of the time), it would be amazing if he would start sleeping through the night, or at least get a little more consistent so we could possibly make plans in the evening from time to time.

But please don't think for a minute that I'm complaining - as far as I'm concerned (and I know I'm totally biased), he's the most amazing, perfect baby in the whole world.