motherhood at two months

Ok, so before I dive in, let's be honest - this post is more like "motherhood at two-and-three-quarters months." Graydon hit the two month mark on December 2, and since then it's been hard to find the time to post. His second month on Earth was definitely a month of ups and downs. Graydon discovered his smile, and he started talking, talking, talking. All those little coos and ah-goos are the most precious thing in the world, and I live for his sweet, adorable smile. But his big, long, magical afternoon nap disappeared, and Thanksgiving was an overstimulating nightmare (all those strangers making so much noise, no wonder the poor baby had a meltdown). I cut dairy out of my diet because Graydon's doctor suspected he might have a lactose sensitivity, and he caught his first cold. I spent my first hours away from Graydon at a wonderful birthday brunch with my girlfriends, which was also Jon's first time alone with the baby (I think I had more fun than he did). Overall, it was a month for learning - I'm becoming more in tune with Graydon and what he needs in a given moment, and it's been fascinating to watch his personality start to blossom. He's the most amazing thing that's ever happened to me, and I love him so much it hurts.


family fun with chrysler town & country

One of my favorite projects this summer was shooting the Chrysler Town & Country brochure with one of my all-time favorite photographers, Lians Jadan. I styled wardrobe and props over two days, the first during sunrise at the Detroit Yacht Club on Belle Isle and the second at a lovely home in Grosse Pointe. Our "family" of models was an absolute dream to work with, and it was fun to go outside my comfort zone and source everything from electric guitars and amps to surfboards and footballs for the props. I absolutely love the way the images turned out - check them out below and go here to see the complete brochure!


the hunt: must-have moto boots

It's time for me to acknowledge a sad truth. My absolute favorite, wear-with-everything black motorcycle boots are on their last leg. I managed to prolong their life by a season when I had the soles - which I had completely walked through - replace last fall, but now the insides are starting to deteriorate. They're literally falling apart.

So that means it's time to start hunting for a replacement pair, and thankfully there are lots of fantastic options out there. From haute to budget, here are some of my top picks:


what graydon wore: angel in devil's clothing

As a fashion stylist and editor, I've had the opportunity to work on lots of fun projects. None of them has been half as fun as styling my little Graydon, though! Despite measuring big my entire pregnancy, he was a little guy when he was born, so it's taken awhile for him to grow into all the adorable 0-3 Month size outfits we received as gifts - and, ok, I couldn't resist buying him some outfits myself. This look was originally intended for Halloween, but it swallowed him at only a few weeks old. It's a near perfect fit now, which just goes to show how fast the little bugger is growing. I know every mom says this, but isn't he the handsomest little devil you've ever seen?

What Graydon Wore:
baby Gap "Little Devil" bodysuit, $11.99 on sale
baby Gap Devil hat, $9.99 on sale
baby Gap Favorite Terry Stripe pants, $16.95

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m: the mall at millenia magazine - holiday 2013!

My big project this summer (other than growing a baby) was editing the Holiday 2013 issue of M: The Mall at Millenia Magazine. It was my second year in a row working on the project, and the entire team really outdid ourselves this year, if I do say so myself. From creating a cohesive editorial theme to executing several gorgeous shoots, the Millenia team - including art director Emma Pritchard, the staff at Hour Media, and our incredible roster of freelance writers and photographers - banded together to put out our best issue yet. It was a big year for the mall with several amazing stores coming to the market - hello, Saint Laurent and Prada! - so it's only fitting that this year was a big step forward for the magazine. If you live in Orlando, pick up a copy at the mall concierge. No matter where you live, you can check out the full issue online at www.milleniamag.com.

motherhood at one month

I'm just over a month into my new role as a mom, and it's amazing how far we've come as a family in that short amount of time. Don't get me wrong - there are days where it feels like I still have absolutely no idea what I'm doing, and this is definitely the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. But it's also the most amazing and gratifying. I mean, look at that little guy?! How could you not love him?!

Looking back over the last few weeks, there are definitely a few things that I wouldn't have made it through without. From helping get the baby to sleep to helping me keep my sanity, here are my first month essentials (in no particular order):

1. Swaddles
After he was born, Graydon spent some time in the special care nursery, where he was swaddled night and day. We kept it up when we got home, and it definitely helped my husband and I calm him down during many a crying fit. He is definitely soothed by a good tight swaddle, and we're still swaddling him for bed and naps. At first we were wrapping him up in individual swaddle blankets - thankfully we received lots of these as shower gifts. My faves are the muslin ones by Aiden + Anais. They're lightweight and comfy, and they come in a bunch of really fabulous prints.

Aiden + Anais Classic Swaddles in Night Sky, $49.95 for set of four.

These were perfect when he was still a little guy, but as he got bigger, he started kicking through the bottom fold of the swaddle, so we upgraded to a Halo SleepSack Swaddle. These keep him hugged nice and tight but there's no danger of him kicking it loose in the crib.

Halo SleepSack Swaddle in Pin Dot Navy, $28.95

2. Target Nursing Bras/Camisoles
I stocked up on a couple nursing bras and camis before the baby came, and boy am I glad I did. I packed them in my bag for the hospital, and it was great having one less thing - namely clothes that aren't breastfeeding friendly - to worry about while getting the hang of feeding my baby. For something so natural, breastfeeding is incredibly difficult and frustrating in the beginning.  Everything is going smoothly in that arena now, but I'm still relying on these staples. And the best part? They're from Target, so I didn't blow a ton of money on them.

Gilligan & O'Malley nursing bras and camis, $16.99 to $19.99

3. Button-front shirts - and PJs!
Another thing that has made breastfeeding easier is having a selection of button-front shirts in rotation. It's nice to just be able to whip out a boob whenever necessary, especially at night, so I highly recommend classic menswear-inspired sleepshirts, like this one from Target.

Gilligan & O'Malley flannel sleepshirt, $19.99 (but currently on sale for $14!)

Also, if you're expecting, I'm sure you've heard that after giving birth, you still look about six months pregnant. So definitely hold onto your maternity clothes! I bought this Gap Maternity shirt while I was pregnant and it never really worked for me then, but it's been great to have postpartum.

Gap Maternity Perfect Shirt, $29.95
4. Lansinoh HPA Lanolin
If you're going to try breastfeeding, trust me, you will need some of this stuff. Chances are your nipples will be in a lot of pain - possibly cracked and bleeding - as you establish breastfeeding, and lanolin really does make them feel better. It's pretty oily and it will stain your clothes - another great reason to save some money on your nursing bras.

Lansinoh HPA Lanolin, $7.99 at diapers.com

5. Amazon Prime
I don't think my husband and I left the house for the first two weeks we were at home. We definitely didn't run to the store for diapers, maxi-pads or extra newborn size PJs. Nope, we ordered that shit on Amazon. Jon already had a Prime account, and the free two-day shipping has been invaluable. We also signed up for Amazon Mom, which let's you subscribe and save even more on essentials like diapers. I highly recommend this for any new parents.

Amazon Prime membership, $79/year

6. My Husband
I can't say enough how much it has meant to me to have such an amazing partner during this major transition in our lives. Jon has been my rock, and I absolutely couldn't do this without him. There is no way I would have made it through those first chaotic weeks without him, and even now, he's there to take care of me. And he's an amazing father. I love watching him with his son. It's the most indescribable feeling in the world. It's beyond love, something bigger, and I've never felt closer to him.


elegant armani

MaxMara dress

Back in June I styled a shoot for the CCS Detroit International Wine Auction, which took place last Friday. "The Art of Wine" was the theme, and there was a fashion component as well since Nate Forbes of Somerset was involved with this year's event. I hadn't seen any of the final images, which were shot by the amazing Jenny Risher, until they were sent to me a few days ago, and I must say, I love the way they turned out. The light is absolutely gorgeous.

Giorgio Armani dress

Giorgio Armani jacket and pant

Giorgio Armani top and pant

Giorgio Armani dress

hello, graydon!

The past three weeks have been some of the most amazing, overwhelming, stressful, and joyful (all at the same time) of my life. On October 2, my perfect little baby boy, Graydon James Voigt, was born. Over the past three weeks, I've gone from feeling completely incompetent to more and more confident each day in my new role as a mother. Nothing prepares you for having a baby - no matter how many books you read or how many people give you advice, it's a totally mind blowing, completely transformative experience. My world will never be the same now that this little guy is here, and I wouldn't have it any other way.


3.1 phillip lim x target

I don't know if it's because I'm nine months pregnant, if it's because I spent the weekend listening to indie rock at the Laneway Festival, or if it's just an extreme case of designer collaboration fatigue, but I completely missed the 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target launch this past Sunday. I absolutely adore Phillip Lim, and normally I would have been all over this collection, but it took me a few days to get excited about it. I stopped by my local Target on Monday to check out Pack 'N' Plays and barely glanced at the clothes. I went back yesterday, and something finally clicked. Soon I'll be able to wear regular clothes again, and this sweater really is fantastic:

I was late to the party, so I ended up getting this in a larger size than I would normally buy, but I think the slouchiness will only make it cooler. It will be like a grandpa sweater, making the sparkle at the collar all the more unexpected.

Keeping things cozy, I also found myself drawn to this sweatshirt:

I adored Phillip Lim's comic book-inspired prints for pre-fall 2012, and this sweatshirt is just as fun and stylish as the more expensive pieces.

Last but not least, I couldn't resist picking up the Grab&Go Pack in floral:

No one does florals like Phillip Lim - they're always a little abstract but still gorgeously romantic, and I love that this camisole will look just as pretty under a blazer as it will between the sheets.

Online availability is limited, but be sure to check Target.com and your local store for more from the 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target collection.


metro detroit bride on fox2 detroit!

The summer/fall 2013 issue of Metro Detroit Bride is on stands now, and recently Fox2 Detroit invited us to share some of our content with their viewers. Check out video of our two segments below - in the first, Alison Laesser-Keck of Viva La Diva Events shares her tips for creating the perfect wedding planning timeline (watch it here), and in the second, I take another look at wedding looks inspired by the different decades.

Fox 2 News Headlines

Find info on where to get these gorgeous gowns and accessories after the jump!


call to arms

I absolutely love fall fashion. Fall is my favorite season to style, my favorite season to wear. I love all the layering possibilities, the boots, the outerwear, the rich textures and darker colors. For the September 2013 issue of Hour, I was able to let loose and indulge in everything I love about fall clothes. Art Director Cassidy Zobl and I started talking about a military-inspired shoot way back in the spring. We wanted to mix men's and women's clothes for an androgynous take on one of the season's biggest trends. With the help of Stephanie Potts, who styled the props - how amazing is the parachute on the cover?! - we put together a shoot that makes me incredibly happy. Check out the complete spread in the September issue of Hour Detroit, on stands now, and below.


metro detroit bride summer/fall 2013

The dreamy cover, photographed by Jenny Risher and styled by Stephanie Potts. Floral styling by Cindy Hicks for Scarlet Poppy Events. Ivy & Aster "Posey" gown, The Gown Shop. Forevermark diamond
engagement ring, Greenstone’s.

It's finally here! My first full issue as editor of Metro Detroit Bride! I am so proud of how this issue turned out - from the cover to Something Blue, everything turned out absolutely gorgeous. I have always loved working on wedding and bridal editorials, and thanks to the amazing team on this book - art director Jessica Decker, associate art director Megan DeKok, and all our talented contributors - Metro Detroit Bride is a labor of love particularly close to my heart. Here are some of the highlights from the issue:


the hunt: chic baby bags

When I found out I was pregnant, like any first-time mom I started researching the shit out of baby gear. What stroller is super light, but still safe? What kind of baby monitor is best, video or audio? Breast pumps, diapers, baby bathtubs, bottle warmers, sleep sacks? How much of this stuff do I really need?

You need a lot of stuff, it turns out. And one thing you definitely need is a bag to schlep it all around in.

Enter the diaper bag. Obviously they need to be functional, but do they need to be so ugly? There are a lot of ugly diaper bags out there. Luckily, there are also some incredibly chic options available, from designers like Rebecca Minkoff, Kate Spade, and Marc Jacobs. Here are just a few of my favorites, but there are plenty more out there. What I love about all of these bags is that they're functional, but I can still picture myself carrying them well after the baby has grown out of diapers. Just because you're a mom doesn't mean you have to throw personal style out the window, after all.

1/ Rebecca Minkoff Knocked Up Baby Bag
The ultimate chic diaper bag, I fell in love with this beauty the first time I saw it. And how amazing is the name? Complete with stroller straps, bottle-sized pockets, a changing pad, and baby-friendly compartments printed with cute labels like "Mommy's Stuff," this luxe black leather bag is big enough for all of baby's accessories but still incredibly stylish. The price is a little steep - keep in mind this is one baby accessory that will get a lot of use, though, so it's worth the investment (there's also a leather-trimmed nylon version available if you can't justify splurging on the leather).
$550, rebeccaminkoff.com


sneak peek: bridal amazingness

Last week's decades-inspired Metro Detroit Bride shoot was SO GOOD!!! I couldn't be happier with how everything came together, from the gorgeous hair and makeup to the vintage props. The entire crew was amazing, and photographer Joe Vaughn captured some truly beautiful images. I wish I could share the whole thing with you right now, but until the magazine hits this summer, this tantalizing little glimpse will have to do. Seriously, how incredible is this Oscar de la Renta necklace from Roma Sposa? So gorgeous!


here comes the (metro detroit) bride!

Bridal inspirations (clockwise from top left): Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, The Great Gatsby, Madonna, Vera Wang Bridal Spring 2013, a mod wedding, bohemian chic, Veronica Lake, and Princess Grace

I have a big bridal shoot for Metro Detroit Bride this week, and I am so beyond excited for this one. Each look is inspired by a different decade, styled with a mix of current and vintage fashion, jewelry and accessories, as well as vintage props courtesy of my favorite co-stylist, Stephanie Potts. From iconic brides like Grace Kelly and Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy to legends like Madonna and Veronica Lake, I'm drawing inspiration from some pretty glamorous places. Be sure to check out the issue when it hits newsstands this summer!


oh baby!

Holy moly, there's a baby in there!

I've been a little distracted lately because, well, I'm having a baby! I'm about five months along, due this October, and I've had baby on the brain since that test came back with two pink lines. Of course I'm still preoccupied with fashion, but now it's mostly about how to dress my growing bump and obsessing over adorable baby clothes. So if I occasionally get caught up and post about strollers, diaper bags, maternity dresses and the like, just know that there will still be plenty of non-baby related fashion goodness in between. :)


the hunt: must-have maxis

A painterly floral print and delicate details make this maxi dress a summer wardrobe must-have.
Greylin Blooming Silk Maxi Dress, $198 at Anthropologie

Now that the weather has finally, gloriously decided it's spring, all I want to wear is dresses. I'll be honest, I don't discriminate when it comes to dress hem length, but I have a soft spot in my sartorial heart for maxi dresses. They're so effortlessly chic - you can easily dress them up or down with the right accessories - and is there anything more comfortable on a warm spring day? Here are a few of my favorites, culled from two of the season's best trends:


Stripes were all over the recent runways, from Marc Jacobs' mod tour de force to Kelly Lynne's killer high-waisted pants and striped skirt. Both collections - and these fab maxis - prove that stripes look best in bold black and white.

1. I'm nuts for the subtle nautical details - that's an anchor on the chest!!! - and ombre stripes on this Emma Cook dress. Seriously, I want this in my wardrobe NOW.
Emma Cook maxi dress, $352 at Net-A-Porter

2. Bold and flowing, BCBG's high-low striped dress is perfect for showing off a sexy summer sandal. If the voluminous silhouette isn't for you, try belting it at the waist.
BCBGMAXAZRIA Gia Silk High-Low Striped Dress, $548 at BCBG

3. Want something on-trend that won't break the bank? Mossimo's graphic maxi is as chic as it is easy on the wallet.
Mossimo knit maxi dress, $30 at Target

The Blues

From Tiffany to navy, sky to ocean, shades of blue are one of the key colors of the season (lucky for me - blue is one of my all-time favorite colors).

1. A watercolor print, floaty layers and barely-there straps make this dress perfect for indulging in a little summer romance.
Theyskens' Theory Dressa Marble Print Maxi Dress, $907.50 at My Wardrobe

2. She's the queen of Maxi Dressing, so it's no wonder Rachel Zoe's minty snake print wrap dress is a must-have.
Rachel Zoe Celine Print High-Low Silk Gown, $495 at Nordstrom

3. This gorgeous crochet maxi just makes you long to be on a yacht touring the Greek Isles, doesn't it? So dreamy.
Missoni Crochet Knit Ombre Dress, $3,630 at Mytheresa


the hour of enchantment

Sometimes a photoshoot just doesn't go the way you think it will. That was certainly the case when the cast and crew - including an army of hair and makeup artists, six little people, a male model named Fabio, a ram, and a pony - arrived at Goldner Walsh Nursery on a snowy morning in late February.

We were all there for the men's and women's spring fashion shoot for the April issue of Hour Detroit. As we unloaded the clothing and accessories, arranged props on the set, and started on hair and makeup for the extras, Hour's art director Cassidy came to me with a shocking revelation - our female model was a no show, and her agent couldn't get in touch with her. We were already running behind schedule, and with a shoot this massive, we couldn't just reschedule. Basically, our backs were against a wall.

That's when Cassidy asked me a question: "Can you fit into the clothes?"

I am definitely not a model, and I am 100 percent more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it, but since I would fit into the clothes, I told her that yes, I could do it if that was our only option. (But I did tell her the skimpy Herve Leger dress we had planned for one of the looks probably wouldn't happen if I was the only girl around to wear it. We all have our limits.)

Within minutes, I found myself in a hair and makeup chair, getting all dolled up for the first look, a gorgeous ruffled sleeve Gucci gown. Luckily, we were able to call in a real model, and by the time we shot my second look, she was done with hair and makeup and ready to slip into that Herve Leger dress. Her dark hair and eyes were a great contrast to my blonde, blue-eyed paleness, and we started thinking of our characters and the "good witch" and the "bad witch."

In the end, the shoot was a success, the animals and extras all did a fantastic job, and our male model was a dream throughout the shoot. It was definitely a make-it-work moment if there ever was one. Check out all the images from the shoot below, and for full cast, crew, and clothing credits, visit hourdetroit.com.


spring has sprung?

Although it certainly doesn't feel like it here in Michigan (brrrrr, it is cold outside!), today is the first day of spring. It's not quite time to break out the sundresses and open-toe shoes, but there are other ways to celebrate winter's end - like this super cool chandelier by Pani Jurek. Made of test tubes and inspired by Nobel Prize-winning chemist Marie Curie, it's a whimsical mix of nature and science.
$175, Etsy.com


boys' night out

One of the things that I absolutely love about working with Hour is that it has given me the opportunity to style more menswear than I ever have in my career. I used to find men's a little intimidating, but now I adore it and look forward to dressing the guys as much as the girls. For the March issue, the fashion story focused exclusively on men's, and our group of guys were a riot to work with. Their personalities were as bold as the bright colors I dressed them in, and everyone had a blast on set. Check out the full shoot below, and for all the details on the fly threads, pick up the March issue of Hour Detroit or visit HourDetroit.com.


who doesn't love a topiary head?

I'm gearing up for a big photo shoot for the April issue of Hour Detroit this coming week, and I couldn't be more excited. The concept is pretty fantastical, and we're going to incorporate lots of fun props. Exhibit A: the trio of topiary heads I found in milliner Gena Conti's studio. I was there to pull some fabulous hats, and when Gena showed me these, I had to grab them. They're perfect for the surreal, enchanted vibe we're going for, and I can't wait for everyone to see how this shoot turns out!

To check out Gena Conti's gorgeous, handmade headwear, visit her at www.genaconti.com.


it's a mod, mod world

Right before the holidays, I had the opportunity to work with photographer Tom Roche. We've both been working in the Detroit area for years, but we had never collaborated on a project. Jillian Sheldon, a local model who now lives and works in Asia, was home for the holidays, so it was the perfect chance to get a team together for a fun, low pressure fashion shoot. The theme was "1960s It Girl," and with the help of makeup artist Renata Stojcevski, hair stylist Erika Cortez, and some fab fashion, Jillian perfectly embodied the era. Check out more images from the shoot after the jump!


garden of love

So far my time working with Hour Detroit has been fantastic - Cassidy, the art director, is creative and a blast to work with, and we have collaborated on some pretty amazing shoots. The latest to hit newsstands is the cover story for the February bridal fashion issue, and I love the darkly romantic vibe. It took awhile for this shoot to get its groove, but once photographer Jenny Risher made some dramatic lighting adjustments, Kelly Mitre and Andrea Kaczocha edged up the hair and makeup, and we started playing around with the flowers, everything clicked into place. Check out the full shoot after the jump!


the hunt: work horse work bags

My beloved work bag in on it's last legs. For close to 10 years, it's faithfully lugged my laptop to and from class, work, the airport, coffee shops, photo shoots, and everywhere in between. I found it at Express while I was still in college, and although the straps are unraveling and the zippers aren't that zippy anymore, I can't give the damn thing up. It's just an absolutely perfect work bag - roomy, exterior pockets for easy access to cell phone, keys, and other essentials, wear-with-everything black patent leather...But I know the time will come when my perfect bag won't be able to bear the burden of my computer, magazines, notebooks, iPad, and everything else I carry with me on any given day. It's time to start the search for a replacement, and these chic work horses would definitely get the job done.

1/ Pour La Victoire Nouveau Tote
Made of sturdy black leather, this sleek, stylish tote by Pour La Victoire - a brand I can't get enough of - has zipper gussets that expand to allow more room for workday essentials.
$445, Shopbop


welcome to the new rebeccavoigt.com!


I've been plugging away at a new design for my portfolio website off and on for a few months, and I'm happy to say it is finally finished and ready for the world to see! It was one of my goals for the New Year to get the new site up and running, and it feels good to check this task off my to-do list. I would love to hear what you all think of the new site! Check it out at www.rebeccavoigt.com and leave me a comment below or on Facebook or Twitter!


arts and crafts: antlers and axes

Right before New Year's Eve, I was called upon to put together a last minute home decor feature for the February issue of Hour. I wasn't expecting to work over the holiday, but the story gave me a chance to work outside my usual sartorial area of expertise, which is always a fun challenge. It also gave me the chance to pull some adorable home goods from some of my favorite downtown shopping destinations, including City Bird. While returning the pieces from the shoot, I couldn't help but shop around a little. Imagine my excitement when I spied a copy of Sibling's "Antlers and Axes" print - I had been eyeing it for months on designer Alisa Bobzien's Etsy store, but just hadn't gotten around to ordering it. Here's a little tidbit from the Sibling blog about the inspiration behind this print:
...the motifs in this design are very much inspired by my Dad, an outdoorsman who believed in living off the land as much as possible - hunting and fishing to feed his family, tapping the maple trees behind our house to make syrup, and heating our house every winter solely by a wood stove and the firewood he had chopped himself. He was always trying to instill in me and my siblings the same wonder in nature that he had found.
So beautiful, and it reminds me so much of my relationship with my own mom and growing up on our family farm. I can't wait to hang this print on my wall.

"Antlers and Axes" print by Sibling, $20, at City Bird or Etsy. See more from Sibling at siblingdesign.com.