where the wild things are

Ralph Lauren cardigan; Tea Collection dress.

I'm so excited to share this shoot with everyone. Not only was it the first time I got to style a children's clothing shoot, but it was also Graydon's debut as a model! Before you jump to conclusions and think I'm some sort of crazy stage mom, the idea for this shoot was actually Hour's new art director, Valerie's, idea. But of course I didn't hesitate to volunteer Graydon for baby modeling duties. ;)

While Graydon is certainly the star of the shoot in my totally biased eyes, it was really little Addison that stole the show. For an eight year old she was a consummate professional, and even tolerated wearing actual deer antlers in her hair. Thanks, Addie!

I also love this shoot because I got to work with some of my fave people - photographer Jenny Risher, prop stylist Stephanie Potts, and hair/makeup artist Monica Jadan. I also loved working with Valerie for the first time. It was such a whimsical, sweet shoot concept, and she also opened my eyes to just how useful a fanny pack really is.

Check out the full shoot below and in the September 2014 issue of Hour Detroit, on stands now!