physical education

It's here!!!! I have been dying to share my shoot for the September 2015 issue of Hour Detroit, and now that the issue is out, I finally can! Styling this shoot was such a dream. When Hour's art director, Valerie, shared the concept and told me Lians Jadan would be shooting it, I literally squealed with excitement. I have always wanted to do an athletic-inspired shoot combining actual fitness apparel with actual fashion, and with an incredible high school sports facility as our backdrop, it was pure magic.

When we were planning this shoot, Lians, Valerie and I all agreed that gold sports equipment was a must. I'm sure I was quite the sight at Play It Again Sports, pushing a stroller (Graydon is the best assistant ever) and trying on helmets, pads and what not to make sure they were the right size for the model. Once I sourced everything I thought we might need, I spray painted it all gold - and voila! Amazing 24k sports gear!

The day of the shoot, we arrived on set early in the morning, and I was giddy when I first laid eyes on the football field. I am a huge - HUGE - fan of the fantastic television series Friday Night Lights, and there were so many moments when I felt like we were on the set of the show. The only things missing were Tim Riggins and Tammy Taylor's perfect hair.

Check out all the images from the shoot below. Clear eyes. Full Hearts.