weekend update/back to work!

What a weekend! We spent so much time outside, soaking in the glorious spring sunshine. We took long walks, went to a birthday party, took Graydon to soccer, worked in the garden, and played baseball with the neighbors. Oh, and Jon had a convention this weekend so I totally mommed up and did my first overnight alone with both kids.

It was a pretty perfect weekend, although a little bittersweet because Jon went back to work on Monday. I went back to work last week, and I’m going to miss spending so much family time together. It was so special for both of us to have so much time home with Finn because unless something unexpected happens, he is our last baby. Now that we're both back to work it feels like that brand-new-baby chapter is over.

He is still so sweet and little, though! He's 10 weeks old today, 50th percentile for height, weight and head size, smiling more and more every day, and sleeping like a champ. Last night he slept for eight hours solid before waking up! He also discovered his feet over the weekend and couldn't stop staring at them. I love seeing his little mind blossoming!