arts and crafts: antlers and axes

Right before New Year's Eve, I was called upon to put together a last minute home decor feature for the February issue of Hour. I wasn't expecting to work over the holiday, but the story gave me a chance to work outside my usual sartorial area of expertise, which is always a fun challenge. It also gave me the chance to pull some adorable home goods from some of my favorite downtown shopping destinations, including City Bird. While returning the pieces from the shoot, I couldn't help but shop around a little. Imagine my excitement when I spied a copy of Sibling's "Antlers and Axes" print - I had been eyeing it for months on designer Alisa Bobzien's Etsy store, but just hadn't gotten around to ordering it. Here's a little tidbit from the Sibling blog about the inspiration behind this print:
...the motifs in this design are very much inspired by my Dad, an outdoorsman who believed in living off the land as much as possible - hunting and fishing to feed his family, tapping the maple trees behind our house to make syrup, and heating our house every winter solely by a wood stove and the firewood he had chopped himself. He was always trying to instill in me and my siblings the same wonder in nature that he had found.
So beautiful, and it reminds me so much of my relationship with my own mom and growing up on our family farm. I can't wait to hang this print on my wall.

"Antlers and Axes" print by Sibling, $20, at City Bird or Etsy. See more from Sibling at siblingdesign.com.

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