what graydon wore: angel in devil's clothing

As a fashion stylist and editor, I've had the opportunity to work on lots of fun projects. None of them has been half as fun as styling my little Graydon, though! Despite measuring big my entire pregnancy, he was a little guy when he was born, so it's taken awhile for him to grow into all the adorable 0-3 Month size outfits we received as gifts - and, ok, I couldn't resist buying him some outfits myself. This look was originally intended for Halloween, but it swallowed him at only a few weeks old. It's a near perfect fit now, which just goes to show how fast the little bugger is growing. I know every mom says this, but isn't he the handsomest little devil you've ever seen?

What Graydon Wore:
baby Gap "Little Devil" bodysuit, $11.99 on sale
baby Gap Devil hat, $9.99 on sale
baby Gap Favorite Terry Stripe pants, $16.95

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