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The Golden Globe Awards were handed out last night, and as I do every year, I tuned in - not to see who won, but to see who wore what. As always there were lots of safe, standard-issue red carpet gowns, but the looks that stood out were as glittering as the golden statues the winners took home.

Best Dressed: Claire Danes

I fell in love with Claire Danes' J. Mendel gown from the moment she stepped onto the red carpet. The column silhouette was elegant and statuesque, and the graphic black and white combination was stunning. The most beautiful aspect, though was the back - cut perfectly and so incredibly sexy! Her simple hair and makeup, with just a pop of color on the lip, were perfect.

Most Dramatic: Evan Rachel Wood

I love feathers on a gown, and Evan Rachel Wood's gorgeous Gucci Premiere was breathtaking. The degrade effect of the sequins melting into the feathers, the contrast of the dark dress against her super pale skin - dark, dramatic, exquisite.

The One to Watch: Emma Stone

It's always exciting to see what Emma Stone wears on the red carpet. She takes high fashion looks, like the Lanvin gown she wore last night, and imbues them with such ease. She always looks effortless.

Most Sophisticated: Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams, who won last night for her portrayal of the world's most recognizable sex symbol, Marilyn Monroe, managed to bring a different kind of sex appeal to the red carpet last night. Demure but provocative, her Jason Wu gown fit like a dream, showing off her gorgeous body but still leaving plenty to the imagination.

Red Carpet Renegade: Tilda Swinton

I love Tilda Swinton. She dresses to the beat of her own drum, and last night was no exception. She looked like an androgynous ice queen in a cool blue Haider Ackerman ensemble that was a perfect juxtaposition of tailoring and softness.

The Glee Girls: Lea Michele and Diana Agron

I applaud the girls of Glee - Lea Michele and Diana Agron - for their ambition. Both of them selected off-the-runway high fashion looks that are exquisitely beautiful and intricate - which makes them very difficult to pull off. Unfortuantely, both girls were just a little off the mark.

Michele wisely nixed the hip folds on the original runway Marchesa dress she wore last night, but the dress still dwarfed her - she just doesn't have the height to make the look work.

Agron's issue wasn't fit, but there was still something off about the way she wore Giles' amazing lasercut gown. I think it was just too much red - red dress, red carpet, red lip. I think she would have looked incredible if she'd gone with a smoky eye and nude lip, and her hair isn't really doing it for me either. It just goes to show you how important every element of a look is to the total package.

Most Unfortunate: Sarah Michelle Gellar

Poor Sarah Michelle Gellar. She looked like a bride who got in the way of a paint gun. Or maybe it's one of the wedding dresses that Priscilla of Boston recently defiled? Who knows.

Breakout Red Carpet Star: Uggie

As gorgeous as all the ladies looked on the red carpet, no one shut it down like Uggie, "The Dog" from The Artist. Look at that bow tie! And what a beautiful smile! Work it, Uggie!

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