say hello to rosie

Last night I finally watched the movie version of one of my favorite books, Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen. It's the story of a 1930s traveling circus, a young vet, a star performer, and Rosie, the incredible elephant who brings them together despite the brutal ringmaster trying to keep them apart. I adore the book, and whenever I love a book, I always approach the film version with trepidation. Hollywood just has a way of ruining a good book, you know what I mean? Well, a full year after its theatrical release, I caught Water for Elephants the movie on HBO, and I loved it. Beautifully filmed, it brought the book to life - and watching it made my latest purchase, an elephant necklace from J.Crew, even more special. J.Crew calls it the "Lucy" pendant, but you can call her "Rosie."

Lucy Pendant, $35 at J.Crew stores


  1. good to hear the movie is good.... i also loved the book and have been avoiding the movie due to the "edward" presence. ;) maybe i'll get up the courage to check it out now.....

    1. lol the "edward" factor was honestly the biggest reason why i was terrified to see the movie, but his presence didn't bother me at all! his acting wasn't bad, and there were so many other good things about the movie: christoph waltz was perfect as august, the cinematography gorgeous, the adaptation faithful, and the animals were just beautiful!