keenan kampa is a doll

If there's anything I love more than fashion - ok, as much as fashion - it's ballet. I love watching it, I love doing it, I love reading about it, I just love it. So when I had the chance to interview Keenan Kampa, the gorgeous ballerina who recently became the first American to join the famed Mariinsky ballet, I did a happy dance of my own. Keenan is in town to dance at the third annual "Stars of Russian Ballet" gala at Ann Arbor's Power Center this Saturday, and I'm going with a few of the ladies from the studio where I take class. My favorite part of the interview was at the very end. I asked Keenan what pieces she would be dancing on Saturday, and after she told me, I said I couldn't wait to see her dance them. Her voice lit up, and she said, "Oh, you're going to come? That's so great!" So sweet, so genuine. I told her I wouldn't miss it.

Read my interview with Keenan here.

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