figo's fashion aliens

Late last year I collaborated with my favorite salon, FIGO, on a submission for the 2015 North American Hair Awards. Unfortunately the submission didn't make the cut - there is some seriously stiff competition in the Avant Garde category - but I am still so proud I got to work on this shoot. Morgan Kruizenga, the lead stylist on this shoot, wanted to created a trio of fashion aliens through cutting-edge fashion, insane makeup, and out-of-this world hair. She wanted an almost fetish quality, so that meant one thing - latex! After a little research, I found an amazing designer, Leigh Ann of Vital Vein, who was an absolute dream to work with on this shoot. The beehive pieces were stunning and helped create the idea of a hive mind among our three alien creatures. I love it when I get to push myself and shoot something so edgy - it's certainly the polar opposite of my pretty-as-can-be bridal work, and I love the opportunity to explore my dark side!

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