where the wild things are

I was wandering around Target this morning during a cat food run, and as usual I meandered through the baby area to see if there was anything Graydon "needed." I turned a corner, and there it was - this amazing hoodie.

Target has an entire mini-collection of Where The Wild Things Are clothing for babies, toddlers, and big kids (they say it's for boys, but little girls would look just as cute in these clothes). Check out these adorable tees and jungle print pants!

Rumpus Henley / Monster Tee / Jungle Pants

Like so many people I know, Where The Wild Things Are was one of the defining books of my childhood. I am so happy that I can pass that legacy down to my son. The book is already one of his favorites (we do a little rumpus hand dance every time we read it - so cute!), and these darling clothes will no doubt be beloved as well.

And because he's so cute I can't stand it, here's Graydon dressed as Max for Halloween last year.

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