were you able to snag any jason wu for target?

There was a lot going on this weekend. Between a full-day photo shoot on Saturday and waking up Sunday morning to finish cleaning the house in anticipation of the Super Bowl party my husband and I were hosting, I managed to forget that the Jason Wu for Target collection launched in stores and online. In fact, I didn't remember it was J-Day until approximately 3 p.m. A quick check of Target.com proved that I was way too late to get anything online - the early risers and ebay auctioneers had made sure of that - so I hit my local Target to check out what was left. By Sunday afternoon, the selection was pitifully picked over, but I was able to score a few lovely pieces.

1/ I love sheer necklines, like the one on this adorable sleeveless floral crepe top, but they often hit me in a really awkward spot. As luck would have it, this baby fit me perfectly - now if only I could find the coordinating skirt in my size...

2/ I was so happy to find this cream canvas satchel at my local Target. It was one of the pieces on my wish list, but it's always good to see these collections - especially the handbags, which often have disappointingly bad quality - in person before making any buying decisions. I was pleasantly (and happily) surprised that this bag is well made, the faux leather trim isn't gross, and it's overall very chic.

3/ Ah, the piece de resistance. I was obsessed with the super cute Milu the cat mascot and knew I had to have something featuring the kitty motif. I would have loved to score the bag and the tee, but I am definitely happy to have the scarf in my life.

If you managed to forget that there was something other than the Super Bowl going on this weekend, it's not too late - there are a few items still available in limited sizes on Target.com. And there's always ebay.

Oh, and if you're wondering why the collection sold out so fast, it's because of this:

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