movement 2012 fashion recap

Every Memorial Day, the tents go up at Hart Plaza and thousands of party people descend on downtown Detroit for the annual electronic music festival. Movement, or DEMF as it's still called by those who remember the first Detroit Electronic Music Festival in 2000, has had its ups and downs, but one thing has always been consistent: epic festival style. Movement is a sartorial smorgasbord that runs the gamut from rainbow bright candy raver to so hipster it hurts - and literally everything in between. Here are some of the looks I couldn't resist snapping this year:

My husband always manages to lose his sunglasses, so I only buy him cheap frames from Target. I was very impressed when he managed to hold onto these aviators for the entire weekend!

Skulls and sailor stripes - aren't my friends Raissa and Kelly the cutest?

Bright blue wedges - super cute, but necessarily the best festival footwear option....

This couple looked easy, breezy and effortlessly cool in classic white shirts and denim shorts.

Ok, so it was about 100 degrees all weekend. A rubber horse head wouldn't have been my first choice of headgear, but whatever makes you happy, bro.

Bright colors, faux fur, Pikachu, 10 lbs. of plastic beads and bare bellies - classic candy kid style. I am loving the leopard shorts, ripped tights and combat boots though. 

You gotta respect dudes who will walk around in public in Ninja Turtle hooded bodysuits. 

These two are just perfect.

My friend Joy couldn't resist this insane t-shirt dress she found in the little girls' department at Meijer. We named him "Zebra Las Vegas."

Last year everyone and their mother was rocking a neon tutu with very little underneath. This girl was one of the few people I saw wearing the look this year, but at least her tutu perfectly matches her hair extensions.

So this lacing-up-one-leg thing was apparently the hotness at this year. Not sure I entirely get it, but these girls were just so cute and coordinated that they warmed my jaded post rave heart.

Stars, stripes and some seriously amazing kicks - these two looked so cute!

This guy wins.

Yeah, he definitely wins.

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