better brows - part 1

Eyebrows - they're kinda a big deal right now in the fashion and beauty world. The trend has moved away from ultra-plucked, super thin brows to full, bold, natural brows that frame the eyes. (For more of Risa, above, and her out-of-this-world eyebrows, click here and check out my shoot for the April issue of Hour Detroit.) 

So what's a blonde with pale brows - me - supposed to do to get in on this action?

On Tuesday, I got to find out. I had an appointment with the amazing Sarah West at her lovely space dedicated 100 percent to giving women better eyebrows - The Brow Bar. Sarah gave me her signature "Tint & Tweeze" treatment, a custom color tint and shaping that makes the brow look natural, full and beautiful. There are so many things that I loved about this experience: 1) Sarah is super cool and really wonderful to talk to. 2) There was no wax involved! My skin is super sensitive and anytime I've waxed my brows, the entire top half of my face has been red for about a week. Since Sarah just uses tweezers, I went home with a normal face. 3) My brows look so much better than they did before!

Earlier this week, my eyebrows looked like this:

Not the greatest pic of me (I hate selfies), but just pay attention to the cutie in the pilot hat - he has fabulous brows! ;)

Pretty pale, right? They naturally get blonder as they go toward my temple, to the point where they basically blend in with my skin.

Here is what my brows look like now:

Ta-dah! Eyebrows!

Darker, fuller, more defined. I feel like they draw all the attention right to my eyes. And that's not pencil, that's all thanks to Sarah at The Brow Bar.

As great as my brows look now, Sarah did put me in eyebrow rehab - no plucking for 4-8 weeks while they grow out so she can fix my arch for me. I'm a little terrified what they will look like by the time I sit back in Sarah's chair, but I can't wait to see what they look like when she's done with them.

I received a complimentary "Tint & Tweeze" treatment at The Brow Bar, but all thoughts, opinions and excitement about eyebrows are my own.

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