glamorous fashion and whimsical gifts

As always, the last few months of the year flew by. Between shoots, shoots, and more shoots, and prepping for the holidays - so magical with a toddler in the house! - it was busy in the best possible way. I styled two shoots for the December issue of Hour Detroit, a gorgeous fashion story and cover shot by one of my all time faves, Lians Jadan, and a whimsical holiday gift guide shot by EE Berger.

For the fashion story, it was all about glamorous eveningwear in rich colors, all accented with luxe accessories. I love the textural contrast between the fur pieces and the gorgeous silks.

The gift guide was the playful counterpart to the dramatic fashion shoot. It is always so much fun putting together a gift guide. This year, my amazing styling assistant, Jennifer, helped pull together a selection of gifts from all over the Detroit area. We focused on some of the best local and indie shops and came up with a beautiful assortment of items for men, women, children and even pets!

For info on where to shop both shoots, visit hourdetroit.com.


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