say hello to metro detroit weddings!

When I first started styling and editing Metro Detroit Bride three years ago, my personal wedding planning days were long over, but I was so excited to have the opportunity to help other couples on their journeys down the aisle. The magazine has always been about inspiring Detroiters to plan the wedding of their dreams through beautiful images and thoughtful content.

But this year marks a milestone - the magazine has been relaunched as Metro Detroit Weddings, with a more inclusive outlook and a more modern design aesthetic. Everyone at the magazine, myself included, was overjoyed when the Supreme Court ruled to legalize same-sex marriage. Equal rights for all - especially when it comes to love - is a cause we all believe in strongly. The magazine's new name reflects that, dropping the "bride" in favor of "weddings" to show our support for Detroit couples who are gay, straight, and everywhere in between.

To launch the new magazine, our new art director, the lovely Carolyn Chin Watson, created a modern, sophisticated new logo. For the cover shoot, we knew we wanted something equally forward. For our location, we decided on the McGregor Memorial Conference Center at Wayne State University in Detroit. Designed by Minoru Yamasaki, the building is a Modernist masterpiece, perfectly showcasing the exquisitely modern, deceptively minimalist wedding gowns featured in the shoot. Photographed by the always amazing Lians Jadan, this shoot is one for the books. For gown details, visit me on Instagram!

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